Friday, July 13, 2012

What we do

Strategic Visual Communication for the Built Environment

BIG produces artwork designed as visual communication that educates, inspires and influences visitors and employees, in addition to serving as building decoration.

Our programs draw on our clients' community, history. culture. brand and market position, and are designed to optimize the effectiveness of visual images as a tool for communication. In our client's facilities, we replace what formally had merely a decorative function with content chosen based on strategies established through a consensus of key the organizations' key stakeholders. Our physical-to-digital process acquires, refines, and manages media resources, providing additional value as the content can now be efficiently re-purposed into exhibits, publications, websites or broadcast media.
We offer a complete solution from strategy and concept through research, design and content development to installation or publication. We provide or manage all production services necessary, including scanning, digital restoration, photography, graphic design, copywriting, printing, web publishing, framing and installation. Should the project require outside talent or venders, we manage the process of vender qualification, contract and production management to ensure successful completion and ongoing maintenance.

BIG seeks to become the leader in integrating facility exhibits, enhanced media management and multimedia content distribution. Future solutions will be developed using web-enabled collaborative tools with customized user-interfaces, enhancing the process and management of media asset distribution. BIG solution is implemented through partnerships with regional content archives, creators and exhibit producers managed by systems developed by BIG that manage the design and content development process, and conversion of the content into digital media and subsequent production into multiple formats such as exhibits, publications and broadcast media.

If appropriate, we establish systems that enable content to be interchangeable and interactive so that it adapts to change.
We establish legacy level methods for managing media content in perpetuity on behalf of our clients.

The artwork we produce is created using a consensus process that aligns the goals of our client’s marketing, human resources and facilities departments. The process is overseen by the CEO and COO through consultation and process management by BIG. Our services are all-inclusive, combining management of outsource partners as required for any given solution or scope of work.